Sept- October

Activity 1


Activity 2

Introductions of students and the town:

1.       Who am I? (physical appearance and personality) (photo, video individual or small group or the whole group)  Hobbies…

2.       What is my favorite place or monument in my town and why? (pictures of my town, description and know a bit of the history, video explaining some historical place... individual or in group)



Activity 3 

Ø  Our stereotypes of our countries


Activity 4

Ø  Symbols and meaning of Christmas.

        Traditions at Christmas: how every country celebrates the festivity.



Activity 5

Ø  Stereotypes boy-girl in our countries


Activity 6

Ø  The main psychology problems in the teenager in our countries 


Activity 7

Ø  What motivates most  the teenagers:

what is your favourite video-game?

what kind of music do you like?

Do you like networks?


Activity 8


Ø  Symbols and meaning of Easter: 

                          How each country celebrate the Easter and the holy week, traditions


Activity 9

Ø  Some famous psychologist in our countries